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Accredited (AoEC) Executive Coach and HR Leadership Professional

About Kirsty Baggs-Morgan

I founded Ethica HR in 2019 to provide coaching, mentoring and development to other HR professionals. My business was born as a result of not having access to that support as I was growing and developing in my own HR career.

To ensure I could provide what I believed was missing from the industry, I trained as an accredited (AoEC) Executive Coach, and built up a 25 year career in international HR leadership roles. I’ve worked in multiple different industries and have lived and worked in the UK and the USA. I am currently based in London, UK.

My Mission

I have three main objectives in the work that I do:

  1. To increase the strategic impact of HR professionals whether they are in leadership or developing roles, by filling in the gaps left by many HR qualifications
  2. To enable HR professionals to change perceptions of HR (both their own and those of other people) and reach their full potential
  3. To eradicate self doubt, increase resilience and boost the confidence of the HR profession


Kirsty Baggs-Morgan

HR and Leadership Coach

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