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Strategic HR Leadership Coach & Founder of the Evolving HR App

About Kirsty Baggs-Morgan

I founded Ethica HR because I saw a huge need for change in the HR profession.

Despite there being some phenomenal individuals working in HR worldwide, they are often overlooked and don’t get a fraction of the support or development they need.

You can do amazing work for your organisation if you have the right elements in place for it; good leadership, a strategic mindset, confidence in your own ability, and a strong support network.

I often didn’t have some or all of these in my own HR career, so my entire focus now is in providing these elements to other HR professionals.

There are 16,000,000 HR professionals globally. I am going to change the experience of working in the HR profession for as many of them as possible.

My Mission

I have three main objectives in the work that I do:

I. To increase the strategic mindset and impact of HR professionals so that they can operate effectively as rounded business leaders.

II. To connect HR professionals and HR consultants with the individuals or resources they need for support, development and community.

III. To eradicate self doubt, increase resilience and boost the confidence of the HR profession.


Kirsty Baggs-Morgan

Strategic HR Leadership Coach


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