Group Programme

Welcome to S.P.I.C.E: Business Leadership for HR, a groundbreaking coaching and development program designed to revolutionise your HR role and mindset, driving significant business impact.

The S.P.I.C.E framework tackles the most common obstacles that hinder HR professionals from achieving their full strategic potential:

  • Strategy
  • Perception
  • Impact
  • Commerciality
  • Empowerment


A brief overview of the 5 transformative modules:

Understand what strategy truly means in an HR context. Assess your organisation’s strategic level and learn how to add significant value.

Identify existing perceptions of HR in your organisation. Learn techniques to reshape these perceptions and highlight the value of your role.

Extend your influence beyond HR. Increase your visibility as a decision-maker and lead with a profound impact.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation from various perspectives. Learn to think beyond HR and adopt a broader business outlook.

Programme Objectives

Mastering Strategy

  • Integrate strategic thinking into your HR role
  • Clarify and support your organisation’s strategy
  • Balance operational and strategic HR tasks

Reshaping Perceptions

  • Clarify and communicate your role and contributions
  • Change stakeholder perceptions of HR

Increasing Your Impact

  • Step up as a leader
  • Enhance your visibility and influence


  • Understand your business from multiple angles
  • Learn key financial concepts

Personal Empowerment

    • Build confidence and resilience
    • Navigate challenges with ease
  • 8×45 min 1:1 sessions (typically scheduled every 2 weeks), via Zoom
  • A recording of every session with a follow up and any agreed action points
  • RQi Resilience Questionnaire and feedback report around managing stress and improving wellbeing (1 of the 8 sessions is dedicated to this)
  • Access to my fortnightly “Monday Surgery”; one hour, twice a month to ask me anything or get advice and network with other HR professionals. Open to all current clients for free and to former clients by subscription
  • Unlimited WhatsApp support throughout

Sign Up

Investment (Self Funded): £299 per month*
*min 4 months
Investment (Company Funded): £1,400 one off payment