Build your Toolkit for Stress and Adversity

Most of us have a sense of our current stress levels and level of wellbeing and if pushed to think about it, we know there tend to be a few ways in which we typically manage that stress or handle tricky situations when they arise, but we don’t often think of it consciously as a resilience ‘toolkit’. 

As I’ve been on a constant personal journey over the last three years to build my resilience as well as my confidence post getting laid off from a job, and because I see it as an issue with so many people I work with in my coaching, I have qualified as an accredited coach and administrator of the Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi™) and am offering resilience coaching either as a one off or as part of my 1:1 coaching package.

The Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi™)

The RQi™ measures beliefs, behaviours & environmental factors that are proven to protect people against stress and burnout. You will complete a secure online questionnaire structured around Six Elements of Resilience which are sub-divided into 26 sub-scales, providing the most detailed measure of resilience available anywhere in the world.

  • After completion of the questionnaire, you will participate in a 1:1 coaching session with me (via Zoom) in which the following is discussed:
    • Your individual scores against each element and sub-element of resilience
    • Your current coping strategies/resilience toolkit
    • Suggestions and tips for growth and development 
  • After the coaching session, you will receive a 26-page personalised report

By the end of the coaching session you will:

  • Understand what resilience means and the benefits it can bring personally and professionally
  • Understand individual and environmental factors that impact resilience and wellbeing at work
  • Have an overview of the various coping strategies typically used by people in stressful situations
  • Begin to understand what your current resilience ‘toolkit’ looks like and start to think about how you might develop it further

Programme Outline

The coaching can be done for individuals or with HR teams as a group.

For HR teams, each member of the team completes the questionnaire, they get an individual coaching session of an hour with me and an individual report plus we then meet as a group to look at strengths and areas for development across the team as a whole.

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Investment (Individual): £300 (includes the questionnaire, 1:1 coaching session and report)
Investment (Teams): £350 per person (includes questionnaire, 1:1 coaching sessions, individual reports and group session)