What People Say About the S.P.I.C.E. Programme

I definitely feel more confident

As someone working in a standalone role, the programme helped me feel more confident personally and professionally (from creating a people strategy to understanding my strengths).

Kirsty was great, very good content and support from her.  I definitely feel more confident after the programme

Amanda Wadsworth

The Strategy Queen

If anyone has baffled you with bull about strategy, Kirsty will get you on track with her engaging and lightbulb moment input and change enabling coaching. Taking all the perceived complexity away, and using her forthright, caring and supportive approach, you’ll be updating your CV with ‘strategist’ in no time

Adele Currie

It’s literally changed my career overnight

Your programme is everything I needed. Impact? It’s literally changed my career overnight!  I’d given up last year, but I’m determined to reach all the highs now.

I felt seen and heard for the first time. Thank you so much, your input has been pivotal

Jan Penny MCIPD

Effective solutions to move forward with

The programme enabled me to understand strategy in a straightforward format with steps which helped me to break down strategic aims and put them into a context I could easily apply to all manner of situations and find effective solutions to move forward with

Lyndsey George